How to get at Io Villas

You follow the main road from Kalamata to Areopolis. At the road site of Stoupa should ignore the junctions that lead to the right at Stoupa and you can proceed straight to the main street of Kalamata Areopolis. You will pass the supermarket KATERINA and after 400 meters you must turn left off the main road. There is one little road before the way to Neochori. On the left side of the main street Kalamata Areopolis you can see a yellow signpost that writes Io Villas with an arrow shows to the left. You will turn left and then after 100 meters you will meet Io Villas.

The supermarket KATERINA's near Io Villas is open from 8:30 am until 10:00 pm all the days of the week even Christmas.

The tavernas are open all day until night.